Terms & conditions

1) The publisher reserves the right to refuse, cancel, amend or suspend any advertisement. If complete artwork is supplied the text must first be approved by the publisher.

2) No special positions are reserved unless previously agreed in writing and at an additional charge.

3) Copy must be supplied without application from the publisher. In the event of copy instructions not being received, the publisher reserves the right to repeat the last copy used or alternatively the right to publish the name and address of the advertiser if no previous copy was supplied and the publisher is unable to obtain suitable copy. In either of these cases the total price of the order will remain unaltered.

4) The advertiser agrees to meet the specific production requirements of the publication in which they are advertising.

5) It is incumbent on the advertiser to obtain the correct mechanical data for the specific publication from the publisher.

6) Two voucher copies will be supplied for each insertion. Additional copies may be purchased.

7) Where an advertiser fails to complete a contracted series of advertisements the publisher reserves the right to invoice the advertiser for the balance due to bring the booking to correct rate card cost for the series completed.

8) The publisher reserves the right (1) to make corrections and contractions in copy submitted to suit the style and subject matter of the publication; (2) to alter or postpone the publication date and (3) to charge production costs, other than printing, as an extra.

9) The publisher reserves the right to cancel the publication. The publisher will not be liable for any costs incurred by an advertiser from the cancellation of a publication or issue of a publication.

10) The publisher is not responsible for any loss occasioned as an error, delay or failure to publish or distribute any issue, or for the failure of the advertisement to appear.

11) The advertiser shall indemnify the publisher against all liability claims, demands, damages and costs in respect of defamation, obscenity, misrepresentation or other matters whatsoever arising from the advertisements. The advertiser warrants that advertisements do not contravene any Act of Parliament nor is it in any way illegal or defamatory or an infringement of the British Code of Advertising Practice, and comply with the guidelines and requirements set by the Committee of Advertising Practice and the Advertising Standards Authority.

12) Verbal or other bookings or provision of copy is deemed to be an acceptance of an order and of these terms and conditions. Cancellations will only be accepted if made in writing more than six weeks prior to the copy date. The advertiser accepts liability for costs incurred prior to the agreed cancellation.

13) The charges specified on the confirmation, together with any production charges and VAT where applicable, are payable within 30 days of the publication date, subject to credit facilities being agreed at the time of booking.

14) The advertiser will be required to prepay the full amount of the advertisement, together with any production charges and VAT where applicable if credit facilities are not granted at the time of booking.

15) Payments should be made to Newhall Publishing Ltd.

16) Where an advertiser fails to settle its account within the credit period granted, charges of 4% above the base rate of National Westminster Bank plc will be added to the account until the outstanding amount is paid in full. The advertiser will be responsible for all legal costs incurred in the collection of the monies owed.

17) Where compensation for error on behalf of the publisher and/or its agents is concerned, it is understood that this compensation will at no time exceed the charge made or the service compensated.


Newhall Publishing Ltd, New Hall Lane, Hoylake, Wirral CH47 4BQ

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